Dual 1218 turntable service manual

Dual 1218 turntable service manual

Despite its versatility and precision, the Dual is quite easy to operate in either single play or multiple play mode. If you happen to switch to start when the tonearm is locked on the resting post, just wait till the switch returns to neutral, unlock the tonearm and start again. If the speed is set at 45rpm when you have a 33rpm record on the platter, just change the speed accordingly, even if the tonearm is already cycling. Tonearm: extra long, torsionally rigid metal arm, 4-point gimbal suspension, skeletal head design.

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Dual owners manual, service manuals and schematics are for reference only and the Vinyl Engine bears no responsibility for errors or other inaccuracies. The PDF files are provided under strict licence.

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Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Dual. I bought my Dual turntable almost 40 years ago. It served me very well untill the early '80s when I needed a unit with manual start and cue functions.

However, the Dual can play 78 rpm records. I needed the manuals to fix one problem, which I have done, so I can now transfer the 78's to digital. Hi, First i would like to thank you for responding to my question on how to remove the platter. I would never have found the tiny c clip which must be removed without your help.

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I now have a problem as follows; when i try to start the turntable nothing happens. I checked the connections, they seem to be ok. Just a few questions: Do you have the turntable plugged into the the receiver or directly into an electrical outlet? If a receiver, is it fused? Is anything happening on the turntable such as hearing a noise but the platter is not moving? Thanks radioboy for your prompt response. The way I received the turntable, the cartridge mount was already detached from the tonearm except for the wires which connect it through the tonearm.

I would like to raise the tonearm to the vertical position perpendicular to the turntable so I can see to re-attach the cartridge mount with the very very small screw that holds it to the tone arm. Right now I am lucky if the tonearm raises 10 degrees from horizontal. It appears that the gimbal suspension is restricting this movement. Is there a way to do this? Thank You! To release the cartridge mount, push the arm lift, which protrudes from the headshell, toward the rear of the tonearm.

This should release the cartridge holder. Hold the cartridge if one is already in place as you do this or it will fall out. Once the cartridge holder is removed, access to the relevant screws and wires is readily available. Now would be a good time to remove any tarnish that has built up on the silver contacts which connect the cartridge mount to the tonearm headhell. A light rubbing with a pencil eraser should do the trick.Tonearm: Torsionally rigid aluminium tubular tonearm in a 4-point gimbal suspension, with skeletal head design.

Dual owners manual, service manuals and schematics are for reference only and the Vinyl Engine bears no responsibility for errors or other inaccuracies. The PDF files are provided under strict licence.

Newly restored Dual 1219 has exceeded my wildest expectations

Reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Dual. The best I can figure is that I'm missing a spring, but if anyone has detailed instructions as to how to troubleshoot, I would appreciate it. I have the manual, it is unhelpful in this regard. Thank you. Hi Kitty Kat, This sounds exactly like the problem I had with my own some ten years ago. I no longer had the automatic start feature and the arm would of course return to play the same side again unless I interrupted it, but it worked fine for me for several years untill I tried to change the speed from 33 to 45rpm for the first time in maybe twenty years, thereby crippling my turntable.

But that's a different story which may get fixed now that I've found this manual.

dual 1218 turntable service manual

Anyway, I hope this is helpful. Good luck, Guy. Dual Idler Drive Turntables Dual Tone Arm Moving To Arm Dropping Too Fast Dual Rubber Band. The Clearaudio Alignment Tool. The Guru Protractor Analysed. Arc Protractors. Turntable Database.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Which is the best Dual and why? Location: Portland, Oregon. Ok, so I'm getting intrigued by all of you guys and the Dual talk.

If you had to buy just one Dual turntable today, with sound quality and mechanical reliability the main concern, which one would you buy and restore to perfection? Location: East TN. When I think Dual, the redoubtable and are what I think of. Superb versatile automatics and the ultimate classic Duals. I love the and very well.

I've owned 6 decks and am very familiar with servicing that classic. McLoverDec 19, Solitary1Dec 19, The FRiNgE likes this. Location: Chicago, Illinois. I owned theback in the early 70s, don't know how difficult it is to find one. If I were going to look for one, that's the one.

ShakeyDec 19, EasterEverywhere and SandAndGlass like this. Location: South Bay, So. John D. Location: Missouri. I have owned the and Both were very nice sounding decks, but IMO Dual made decks that were overly complicated to service and repair.Now, instead of purchasing parted-out items from used turntables that have played unknown hours over many years, you can purchase parts and new manuals that have never been used and are from the original Dual factory!

We do not test any mechanical or non- mechanical parts for functionality. All parts are delivered as in the condition we received them. If you are not sure, do not order until you have confirmed that the part is the one for your needs.

Most are in the original boxes or packaging.

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Due to age, do not expect the box or original packaging to be in pristine condition. If there is no photo shown on the part you ordered, a photo of your actual part will be emailed to you prior to packaging and shipping.

Please note: Any and all custom, duty and tariff charges for any country are solely the responsibility of the purchaser. You should check with your local customs authority to see if an import fee will be charged to you. Payment is only thru PayPal and Stripe.

Combined shipping for multiple parts when applicable. Manuals are usually shipped separately in flat envelopes. Click here to go to our Links Page. We are always interested in inventories of new old stock, unused Dual factory parts, if you are looking to sell please contact us.

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dual 1218 turntable service manual

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Got it!May also be called a cartridge carrier, cartridge shoe, sled, bracket, halterung etc found in or can substitute for the TK originally fitted in the following DUAL United Audio models:. Yes if you have a visual match to your old one, free exchange if needed. Genuine Dual TK Carrier. Review item. Tell A Friend. Public Question about this item? Ask here. See 1 Questions.

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Reviews Its designed for best sound, not to make it easy to swap out cartridges. Its easy to damage this thing changing cartridges. So every few years I replace this part.

I usually end up taking a risk on e-bay. But this time I saw this. I am amazed. It looks and feels brand new.

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It fits like brand new. I don't know who is making these, but it says Made In Germany. Dual TK turnrtable headshell sled. Works perfectly. Can now swap between my Shure and my Stanton cartridges by swapping headshells. I had a few issues with the sled for the dual, the pins are spring loaded and they were not sliding I had to straighten them and lub them to make them work.Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by action pactJun 12, Log in or Sign up.

dual 1218 turntable service manual

Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Newly restored Dual has exceeded my wildest expectations Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by action pactJun 12, Location: Lexington, Massachusetts. A couple of months ago I did some good old fashioned horsetrading with a local hifi enthusiast, and as part of the deal ended up with a Dual in need of some TLC. Like most old Dual idler-drive models, it suffered from the usual symptoms of dried, sticky lube.

It was stuck in multi-play mode, the speed selector switch was seized up, and the auto functions were extremely sluggish and noisy. The motor also would not shut off at the end of a cycle. My mechanical skills are rudimentary at best, but I figured this would be a good opportunity to learn how to sort out a record changer. I dutifully downloaded the official service manual as well as the DIY guide to servicing a that's circulating around the web, but I quickly ascertained that, even with these reference guides, I was way out of my league and needed to call in a pro.

There is a well-known Dual repair tech out in Iowa, but I have had two very dissatisfactory experiences with the work he did on a couple of 's which I have since off-loaded because they were so problematicso I wasn't about to deal with him again.

I had been reading about an AudioKarma member in Brooklyn, NY with the handle NoTransistors who is experienced with servicing Dual turntables, and whose work has gotten unanimously positive feedback.

I contacted Seth NoTransistors and his quoted price for servicing the was in line with what the other guy charges, and so I made arrangements to drop the off with him during a visit to NYC. This past Sunday I made a return trip to pick up theand Seth took the time to go over the special challenges he faced with my particular machine, showed me the parts he needed to replace and why he needed to replace them, and then hooked up my to his stereo and gave me a brief demo.

He also gave me a tip about using some silicone to fill the hollow areas on the underside of the platter, to reduce resonances. After I got home, I used some latex caulk instead, and it did make a substantial improvement in the bass definition and imaging, and further cleaned up the background. I am happy to report that, unlike my two experiences with the other guy, Seth's work has completely met my expectations.

All of the table's functions operate smoothly with no play in the levers, the arm moves perfectly freely with no apparent binding, the platter maintains instant and consistent pitch, and all of the auto functions work perfectly. Mechanical noise is very low and, unlike the two 's that the other guy worked on, this has absolutely zero rumble which was a relief. It's worth pointing out that potential customers will need to be patient with the process.

Seth does not work quickly but his work is thorough and complete, with no short-cuts taken. Just don't expect it to be ready in a week. After getting the home and set-up, there was one problem I discovered; even with the pitch adjustment lever all the way to the negative side, the platter ran considerably fast, as verified with a strobe.

Uh oh.